Bianca Lopez epitomizes all creative hearts and minds.   You meet her and immediately feel the warmth of her visionary embers.  Her designs embrace the eccentric style Bianca has explored since childhood.  Whether it was cutting her tights as a teenager or creating her own edgy maternity styles while carrying her children, she has always created and explored her fashion voice.  Once she had children of her own and watched how children analyze and test their world, she knew designing for children would satisfy her need for fun and colorful design while allowing children to express their own unrestricted personas.   


Establishing her fashion firm in 2001, Bianca’s greatest hope in becoming an entrepreneur is to give back to her community.  Bianca and her siblings lived in the projects off and on with their parents who were erratic and unstable.  She and her siblings eventually lived full time with their grandparents who received custodial rights.  Having a more secure home life only made more pronounced, the children of the projects going without basic necessities day in and day out.  Young Bianca was compelled to try to feed them and look after them.  Her desire to support these communities withstands maturity and her empathic nature longs to ease the limitations children in low-income situations endure.  This is why so many of her fashion shows are fundraisers for children’s nonprofits.  Bianca understands there is something bigger than herself and she wants to be a tool for that greater purpose. 


Recently, she hosted a fashion show benefitting St. Jude’s Hospital, called Kids for Kids.  Children in the Fashion Club at Denver School for the Arts built the stage, lights and sounds design.  They were able to see, first hand, the work behind fashion shows while fundraising for a great organization.  Bianca also donates a portion of all her Cherry Bomb T-shirts sales to charity. 


At the root of all that she does is her love and admiration for her children.  Determined to be the attentive and engaged parent she didn’t have, she encourages them to embrace their independent spirits.   She teaches them the perseverance it takes to be unique in a world where people are scared of what is different from themselves.  


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