Fashion is a celebration, my Momma taught me that.


DCR Studios is designed with quality construction, impeccable fit, and high fashion aesthetics. Our motto is “Clothes should fit the body, you should not have to alter your body to fit the clothes”. Everyone deserves to feel good in his or her own skin.

Our garments are designed specifically for the average sized human with above average taste. We focused specifically on those sizes often left out of traditional sizes and curve sizes; we are designing specifically for sizes 8 to 14.

DCR studios is the brainchild of Dr. Darlene C. Ritz and has been decades in the making. Darlene, a Doctor of Education and a fashion designer, has been training the next generation of fashion industry professionals since 2003. Prior to that she worked as a fashion designer, marketing, and sales rep in New York and Los Angeles for companies all around the world.

This clothing line began as a classroom experiment. One day, when training students how to develop fashion projects as independent designers, a student asked “Have you ever done this? Like really done this?” And to be honest, I had not developed a line as an independent designer; all of my design work had been for large companies. So I set out to prove to my students that they can indeed achieve their goals of becoming independent designers by doing what I was teaching. The work has been creative and exciting and fulfilling.


Dr. Darlene C. Ritz has designed in New York city, Los Angeles, San Diego, Tokyo, Toronto, and many other cities. Dr. Ritz, a Colorado native, returned to her home state in 2014 to launch the Fashion Design department at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design. As a scholar/practitioner, Darlene continues to practice her craft and inspire the next generation of industry professionals. DCR Studios began as a way to inspire students to take chances and branch into independant collection.