Jeanne Mesecha - designer and owner of Illusions Lab. Russian born with a French name, Jeanne has a degree in finance and 15 years experience as a financial analyst. She has been practicing many forms of art as a hobby before art and fashion became her profession and lifestyle. The idea that fashion reflects our individuality as a foundation and essential element of dedication to the art of everyday life, lies behind the creation of Illusions Lab brand.

Illusions Lab fashion design and felting studio located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Illusions Lab creates unique wearable art through ancient meticulous hand felting process, using luxury natural materials from around the world. 3D sculptured out of fibers, seamless and stitchless high fashion garments and accessories created without compromising the commitment to sustainable fashion philosophy. Illusions Lab has participated in international and US fashion weeks and shows, the line is available in Park City boutiques.